Friday, November 03, 2006

Procrastination part 1

In honour of Why do I do it? I thought I should return her post on procrastination.

I was just thinking about this as I worked out what to wear. Hours to date - 1. Outfits tried on - 5. Do I wear a skirt? Pants? Does that white top make the pesky few extra kilos a bit more obvious? Can I wear new shoes or will they hurt to much?

So what does Ms Batville do? Rather than make a decision she gets online and posts about it. That won't get the eyelashes curled as I'm sure someone used to say.

Tell me your top 5 procrastination techniques. I bet I can beat them all!

(And may your horse win the Derby tomorrow)


Blue said...

1. reading blogs
2. reading anything else
3. talking on the phone
4. sleeping
5. reading some more blogs

quite monotonous & rather repetitive aren't I? Oh well....

LadyCracker said...

1. a little glass of wine
2. go Fug yourself
3. maybe more wine?
4. A spinster's Tale
4. wine

simple really.

gigglewick said...

1. Cleaning (unless I'm trying NOT to clean)
2. Idly making lists, the latest of which is "Classic novels I will acquire in the next six months"
3. Making a cup of tea/pouring a glass of wine
4. The internerd in all its glory
5. Staring out the window

I like to pretend I'm NOT procrastinating by half-starting whatever it is I'm supposed to be doing. E.g. I have written several essays which have started out as one paragraph introductions weeks ahead of the due date, with the 1950 remaining words not completed until two days before they are due.

Watershedd said...

1. Tv - especially watching my Charmed colleciton.

2. Shopping - window or otherwise.

3. Reading blogs, surfing the net.

4. Talking on the phone.

5. Sleeping/dozing.

redcap said...

1. Reading blogs and wandering the net.
2. Lying on the lawn reading the Review section of The Aus
3. Flipping through food magazines and cook books and thinking, "I really should cook that sometime..."
4. Thinking of short stories I could write and never actually writing more than three paragraphs.
5. Alcohol, in combination with any of the above.

foodkitty said...

1. deciding what to wear to Melbourne Cup lunch at the local pub- up or down? Not sure yet

2. the form guide. Fields of Omagh was a fave because he is called Mr FOO, and so is my cat. Might be worth 50c each way.

3. organising the sweep, collecting the money, deciding the cut. hours just fly.

4. hat or fascinator. feather boa or pashy. cardy or coat.deep reflection, no decisions

5. stockings or fake tan; court or sandal; polish or nude.

Sigh, so much to do, so much time to avoid it

gigglewick said...

Ms Batville,

My stars in Good Weekend on Saturday (I am Libran) said "procrastination isn't time wasting, it's common sense" or the like.

So there you go....there is an upside.

Also, I've allowed anonymous comments on my blog now so you should be able to comment if you wish : )

Ms Batville said...

Aaah, my friends, much in common we have (try to imagine that in a yoda voice)

My top five "common sense activities" would be:
1.Reading anything - books, magazines, recipes, blogs, stuff on the internet, instruction books for various household appliances, insurance policies etc
2.Alphabeticising things - cans in the larder, spice on the`rack, cds, dvds, books, bills, shoes by their alphabetical colour (!)
3.Sleep, dozing, daydreaming
4.Reorganising the music on my ipod into ever increasingly narrow and obscure genres
5.Cleaning or organising obscure parts of the house "Oh, the top of the washing machine needs a good scrub" or "Gosh,'bout time I dusted the inside of the cupboards"

I used to also spend time cleaning my shoes but ever since I put my neck outdoing this (I have a lot of shoes) I am less inclined to do this.

I'm with you Ms LadyCracker downing a wine or two.
And redcap, I too read recipes and plan for dinner parties and lunches that I will never have. After which I just drink more wine.

foodkitty - A guy at my local pizza place last night told me his hot tip was No 6 in race 5(LETMEENTERTAINYOU). I'd personally go the hat - am a bit over fascinators since every Home and Away starlet stuck a concoction on her head and ended up looking like she was playing in her mum's wardrobe.

And I look forwarded to commenting a plenty of your site gigglewick.

Hope you all have a good cup day.

(Oh, and by the way, what I wore to the date was of no consequence. I think I could have worn a potato sack and it would still have been blissful)