Monday, November 06, 2006

10 things you won't know about me

OK so here goes - Inspired by hat seeks home, I'm not Craig and snoskred, here is ten things that you won't know about me:

  1. When I was a little thing I used to walk on tip toes so much that my worried mother took me to the doctor to have me checked out.
  2. My favourite colour is purple.
  3. I love children, but I'm not sure I can or will ever have the chance to have any of my own so make do by being a good friend to other people's kids.
  4. I like my calfs and my ankles. I do a good ankle.
  5. I can get ready to go out really quickly - if necessary I can shower, iron my clothes, style my hair and apply liquid eyeliner (degree of difficulty 8.9) in under 15 minutes.
  6. I like art deco furniture, but I don't like the musty smell of antiques, so I don't really own any.
  7. I can be very cynical, and my Mum worries that I am becoming "hard".
  8. I aspire to be truthful in my life, with my friends, colleagues and family, and most importantly with myself. I have failed at this in the past but I think I am much better at it now.
  9. If I go more than two days without listening to music that I like, I find myself getting really cranky.
  10. I am addicted to Vegemite.

So if you are reading this, fess up and tell us something about yourself.

Worst ever songs to have stuck in your head

At the moment I have two: Joelene by Dolly Parton and It's the Hard Knock Life from the Annie soundtrack.

Am stuck in inner audio hell.