Monday, November 06, 2006

10 things you won't know about me

OK so here goes - Inspired by hat seeks home, I'm not Craig and snoskred, here is ten things that you won't know about me:

  1. When I was a little thing I used to walk on tip toes so much that my worried mother took me to the doctor to have me checked out.
  2. My favourite colour is purple.
  3. I love children, but I'm not sure I can or will ever have the chance to have any of my own so make do by being a good friend to other people's kids.
  4. I like my calfs and my ankles. I do a good ankle.
  5. I can get ready to go out really quickly - if necessary I can shower, iron my clothes, style my hair and apply liquid eyeliner (degree of difficulty 8.9) in under 15 minutes.
  6. I like art deco furniture, but I don't like the musty smell of antiques, so I don't really own any.
  7. I can be very cynical, and my Mum worries that I am becoming "hard".
  8. I aspire to be truthful in my life, with my friends, colleagues and family, and most importantly with myself. I have failed at this in the past but I think I am much better at it now.
  9. If I go more than two days without listening to music that I like, I find myself getting really cranky.
  10. I am addicted to Vegemite.

So if you are reading this, fess up and tell us something about yourself.


redcap said...

Not all antiques smell musty. Old wardrobes, though, always smell. There's no way around it and you can't ever get rid of it.

Watershedd said...

3. With you on the children. Not for this lifetime for me, I suspect and that's OK.

5. Wish I could get any eye liner to go on smooth, straight and stunning. I envy you.

9. I can't last more than two hours without music, or some form of noise. Legacy of growing up in a noisy house, with 7 other people, 5 of whom played instruments. Ever heard Silent Night played in three different keys at once on different insturments, by children of differing levels of ability? It's one of my mother's lesser cherished memories!

M said...

I go though 'addicted to vegemite' phases.

Cristy said...

I lived in a religious community in Melbourne when I was very young.

It wasn't as weird as it sounds...

gigglewick said...

Will do, over the road at my blog later today....


obtuse-a said...

i can, and often do the "i'll pick you up in 30 minutes" response get-ready. then I sit around for another 30 minutes waiting...

3. me too. makes me sad sometimes. I know mr. right will come when it's too late

Polly said...

Marmite is much better.

Susanne said...

Fascinating. I'll have to do this myself on my blog sometime.

I really like art deco too, but more in buildings than furniture.

audrey said...

i also walked around on my tiptoes when I was little. I think I wanted to be a ballerina, or as tall as my sister and bro. Now my feet are splayed and heels are not for me. Le sigh.

Ms Batville said...

Very interesting. Am glad to be back after too much other stuff.

redcap - I know what you mean about wardrobes. My dear old Nanna had a old wardrobe and she always smelt musty.

Watershedd - it is all the technique (the eyeliner not the breeding thing). Practice makes perfect or at least if you get it wrong you can scare small children, door to door salesman and animals.

M - Love the vegemite too. Another reason not to move to the USA

Christy - sounds fascinating. You could make it sound exotic rather than just weird. A bit of mystery is never a bad thing.

gigglewick - I look forward to reading

Obtuse-a - I like your style. As for the children thing it makes me sad too but you never know. Two months ago I thought I would be single forever but now I'm seeing someone and it is wonderful. Early days so I am not getting my hopes up but then who knows what might happen.

Polly - Can't agree with you there. Vegemite is like mothers' milk for me

Susanne - I look forward to reading yours. I too like the buildings more than the furniture. There are some great buildings in Melbourne that are like a feast for the eyes.

Audrey - I know what you mean. I think I have the world's tightest hamstrings.