Sunday, September 07, 2008

That will serve her right...

It is only a few weeks ago that I posted that my dear old Mum had a strange and passionate dislike of Barack Obama. Then this happened:

One look at a moose-hunting, right to lifer, pro-Alaskan oil drilling, climate sceptic and my Mum has declared she is a "100% Obama supporter." She also mumbled something about the decline of the great American empire, and how Putin may cause the end of the world but she'd had a few gins by then and that can bring out the pessimist in any girl.

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Snoskred said...

OMG I am right there with her.. although I kinda liked Obama all along. Cos McCain had a comb-over and that was bugging me a lot.

You might want to let your Mum know that John McCain likes to call his wife the C word, therefore proving he is a Bad Seed and not particularly respectful of women, especially given his wife provides all his monies..

I wrote a post re this choice - Wimmins will vote for wimmins kthxbai! - I have not yet written a post about how sarcastic and snarky Sarah is seeming each time I see her.. I don't know any hockey moms of 5 myself but if they were as nasty as Mrs Palin has been I'm surprised nobody puts those hockey sticks to better use.. ;)